Pros And Cons Of Starting A White Glove Delivery Service


1. Increased customer satisfaction as customers can have their products delivered with care and attention.

2. Cost savings for businesses as they don’t need to hire full-time staff to deliver the items themselves.

3. Ability to offer more competitive rates and services than other delivery companies.

4. Easier tracking of shipments so that customers can be updated on the progress of their orders.

5. Increased convenience for both business owners and customers as the service takes care of all the details from start to finish.


1. The cost of setting up the service and maintaining it can be quite high.

2. Finding reliable drivers who are willing to do white glove delivery services can be difficult.

3. Lack of control over the product once it has been shipped, as there is no way to ensure that it will reach its destination in perfect condition.

4. Longer delivery times compared to traditional methods as the product needs to be handled with care.

5. Risk of damaged or lost items due to mishandling or human error.

6. Added paperwork and administrative tasks that must be completed for every shipment, making it more time-consuming than other methods of delivery.

7. Limited geographical area that can be served due to the need for special equipment and personnel.

8. High liability if something goes wrong during delivery, which could result in costly lawsuits or other legal issues.