Pros And Cons Of Starting A Viral Marketing Consulting Business


1. Low startup costs: You don’t need to invest much money in equipment, software or resources when you become a viral marketing consultant. All it takes is your knowledge and expertise, plus some creativity to get clients interested in your services.

2. Flexibility: You can work from anywhere, anytime and it’s easy to scale up or down depending on your clients’ needs.

3. Increased demand: Viral marketing is an increasingly popular way for businesses to promote products and services, so the demand for qualified consultants is growing steadily.


1. Competition: There is a growing number of people offering similar services, so you will need to create a unique and compelling brand in order to stand out from the crowd.

2. High pressure job: Viral marketing is often time sensitive and requires quick turnaround time in order to be successful, making it an intense work environment.

3. Unpredictable results: It can be difficult to predict whether a viral campaign will be successful or not, so you may have to put in extra effort for uncertain returns.

4. Limited scope: While viral marketing is often an effective tool, it’s limited in its ability to reach certain audiences and may not the best choice for all businesses.

5. Legal risks: If done incorrectly, a viral marketing campaign could open up liability issues and other legal risks. It’s important to understand the regulations in your area that might affect such campaigns before launching one.

6. Higher cost-per-click: Viral campaigns may be cost-effective, but the cost per click is typically higher than other marketing methods. This means that you’ll need to have a well-thought-out budget in place before embarking on a campaign.