Pros And Cons Of Starting A Snow Plow Business


1. Low startup costs – You don’t need to purchase expensive equipment or pay for costly commercial space; all you need is a truck, plow attachment, and some basic tools.

2. Flexible schedule – You can choose when you work and how much you want to take on.

3. Good income potential – Snow plowing can be a lucrative business, especially in areas with severe winters.

4. Independence – You are your own boss and can run the business however you choose.


1. Seasonality – Demand for snow plowing services is limited to winter months and can vary drastically from year to year.

2. Risk of Injury – You may have to work in hazardous conditions, including slippery surfaces, icy roads, and heavy equipment.

3. Equipment Maintenance – Plowing equipment needs regular maintenance and repairs which can be costly.

4. Liability Insurance – You may need to carry expensive liability insurance in case of accidents or injuries.

5. Unpredictability – Weather conditions can have a significant impact on your business; a mild winter can mean fewer customers and less income.

6. Long Hours – During peak snowfall seasons, you may need to work long hours to meet customer demand.

7. Competition – Snow plowing is a competitive business, with many other contractors vying for customers.

8. Stress Conditions – You may need to work in difficult conditions and deal with impatient or demanding customers.

9. Limited Growth Prospects – There are only so many customers you can service, so it can be difficult to expand your business beyond a certain point.

10. Unpredictable Income – You may experience slow periods or no income during part of the year, and you never know how much work you’ll get from one season to the next.