Pros And Cons Of Starting A Self Defense Training Business


– Opportunity to use your expertise in self defense training to help people become more secure.

– Flexible hours and the potential for steady income.

– Low overhead costs, as classes can be conducted with minimal equipment or in a space you may already own.

– Business can be scaled up or down depending on the demand for services in your area.


– Self defense instruction is a difficult and demanding profession, requiring knowledge of various forms of martial arts, physical conditioning and safety protocols.

– You may need to obtain proper licensure or other business permits before you can start teaching classes.

– You may face competition from other self defense instructors in your area, so marketing and advertising may be necessary to get your business off the ground.

– Liability insurance is often recommended for any business related to self defense instruction. This can add additional costs to launching a training business.

– It may take some time for your business to become established and generate consistent income.