Pros And Cons Of Starting A Sandblasting Business


1. Low startup costs – The cost to start a sandblasting business is relatively low compared to other types of businesses. Equipment such as air compressors, hoses, abrasive media, protective gear and the actual blasting hood are all relatively inexpensive items.

2. Flexible – You can work from home or travel to customers for sandblasting jobs, depending on the size of the job.

3. Quick profits – Sandblasting is a time-sensitive job that requires quick turnaround times for most projects, leading to quick profits for you and your business.

4. Safety conscious – Sandblasting companies are often hired for projects that require safety precautions, such as when working with hazardous materials. This means your company will stay on top of all the latest safety best practices.


1. Potential liability – Sandblasting can cause property damage if not done properly, which could lead to legal issues or even fines.

2. Seasonal work – Sandblasting is often seasonal, so you may experience periods of slow business if the weather isn’t favorable for sandblasting projects.

3. Competition – There are a lot of sandblasting businesses out there and the competition can be stiff. You need to make sure that your pricing is competitive and that you have the skills and experience to stand out from the rest.

4. Difficult to scale – Sandblasting can be difficult to scale since most jobs require custom work, making it hard to find enough workers to keep up with demand. You may need additional staff or subcontractors as your business grows.