Pros And Cons Of Starting A Real Estate Photography Business

Starting a estate photography business can be a great way to make some money or even build it into your own full-time career But, like any business venture there are pros and cons that you consider before making the jump. Here we provide an overview of the pros and cons of starting a real estate photography business.


– Flexible Work Hours – You can set your own hours and your own schedule, which gives you the freedom to take on jobs when you are available.

– Low Cost of Entry – Compared to other businesses, real estate photography requires minimal start up costs. All you need is a camera and editing software.

– High Demand – There’s always a demand for real estate photography, whether it’s from buyers looking to buy homes or agents looking to market their listings.


– Low Profit Margins – The profit margins on real estate photography can be fairly low, so you’ll need to find a way to make up for it in volume.

– Time Consuming – Taking photographs of real estate properties can be very time consuming and requires patience.

– Competition – There are a lot of competitors in the real estate photography space, so you have to find ways to differentiate yourself from the pack.

– Location Dependent – Your business will be dependent on the local market, so if you’re in an area with low demand for real estate photography, it may not be a viable option.