Pros And Cons Of Starting A Project Management Consulting Business


1. Low barrier to entry – All you need to get started is the right knowledge, experience, and qualifications to deliver high-quality project management services.

2. Variety of Projects – There is a wide variety of projects available in the project management consulting industry, giving you the opportunity to work on interesting and challenging projects.

3. Potential for high earnings – Project management consultants can earn excellent rates of pay.

4. Professional development – Working as a project management consultant will help you to develop your skills and knowledge in the field and make valuable contacts in the industry.


1. Long hours – Project management consulting often requires long and irregular working hours, which can be a strain on your personal life.

2. Limited career advancement – As an independent consultant, there is limited opportunity to move up within the organization or take on more senior roles.

3. Financial uncertainty – There is a high degree of uncertainty around income levels and project availability, so it can be difficult to plan financially.

4. Lack of job security – As a consultant, you are always at risk of losing projects or clients, which can result in instability and lack of job security.