Pros And Cons Of Starting A Podcasting Business


1. Low startup cost compared to other businesses. You only need a computer, microphone, and internet connection to get started.

2. Potential reach is global since anyone with an internet connection can listen to your podcast.

3. Since podcasts are typically audio-only, production costs can be kept low compared to video content.

4. You have the opportunity to form direct relationships with your listeners and build a community of dedicated followers.

5. Accessibility for those with visual impairments since podcasting doesn’t require visuals to consume the content.

6. Opportunity to monetize your podcast with advertisements, sponsorships and other income sources.

7. Can be used as a platform to showcase your knowledge in the industry and establish yourself as an authority figure.


1. Time consuming since you need to put in the work to produce quality content consistently.

2. Highly competitive since the podcasting industry is crowded and growing quickly.

3. Potentially tricky to find a topic that will be interesting enough for listeners to stick around.

4. It can be difficult to stand out in an increasingly saturated market and build your audience quickly.

5. There’s no guarantee that your podcast will be a success, so you need to be prepared for potential failure.

6. Requires dedication and consistency as any success with podcasting won’t happen overnight.

7. Can be difficult to measure the effectiveness of your efforts since downloads isn’t always the best metric for success.