Pros And Cons Of Starting A Pizza-By-The-Slice Restaurant


• Low cost – the operational costs for a pizza-by-the-slice restaurant are much lower than for a full service pizzeria.

• Easy to manage – since customers come in, order what they want, eat it and leave, there is no need for waiters or complex kitchen staff.

• Opportunity to experiment – with a pizza-by-the-slice restaurant you have the opportunity to create new recipes and offer different types of pizzas on a regular basis.

• Versatility – you can offer other items along with your pizzas like salads, sandwiches, and coffee drinks.


• Low profit margin – due to the low cost of ingredients it is hard to make a large profit on each slice you sell.

• High competition – since pizza-by-the-slice restaurants are becoming increasingly popular there is a high level of competition in the market.

• Limited seating – with a pizza-by-the-slice restaurant you have limited seating, so it may be difficult to attract customers if the location is not ideal.

• Menu restrictions – due to the limited space and menu items available in a pizza-by-the-slice restaurant, it can be difficult to offer a wide variety of dishes.