Pros And Cons Of Starting A Nanny Referral Agency


1. You can offer a valuable service to parents who are looking for reliable and experienced nannies to take care of their children.

2. You can develop relationships with nannies and build trust with them, as they know they can depend on you to help them find suitable jobs.

3. You can use your network of nannies to provide parents with recommendations and referrals, making it easier for them to find the right nanny for their family’s needs.

4. You can develop a strong online presence and get more exposure for your business, as more parents look online for nanny services.

5. You can charge a fee for your services, allowing you to make a profit from your business.


1. It can be difficult to find reliable and experienced nannies who are willing to work with your agency.

2. You may encounter difficulties in vetting and verifying nannies, as this can be time-consuming and costly.

3. You may face competition from other nanny referral agencies or websites in your area, making it difficult to market your services effectively.

4. You will need to stay abreast of relevant laws and regulations regarding employment, such as those relating to child labor, in order to ensure compliance.

5. You may have difficulty convincing parents the value of your service, as there is often a perception that nannies can be found for free or inexpensively without using an agency.

6. You will need to continually monitor and update your network of nannies, as their availability and circumstances can change over time.

7. You may have difficulty finding a suitable place to operate your business, as some areas may not be zoned for such businesses.

8. It can be difficult to build a successful and profitable business, as you may need to start off with little or no capital.

9. You may have difficulty finding clients if there is not enough demand for nannies in your area.

10. It can be difficult to manage the customer service aspect of your business, as customers may be upset or dissatisfied with the service they receive.