Pros And Cons Of Starting A Mystery Shopper Business


– Flexibility – You can choose when, where and how often you work, allowing you to fit the job around your schedule.

– Variety – Every mystery shopping assignment is unique and will involve different tasks, so it can be an interesting way to make money.

– Opportunity – Mystery shopping can provide you with the opportunity to expand your client base and increase your earnings potential.


– Scheduling Conflicts – You may find yourself double booked for two different assignments in the same time frame, which can be frustrating.

– Low Pay – Mystery shopping does not typically pay well compared to other jobs, so you may need to supplement your income with another job.

– Competition – Mystery shopping is a competitive field, and there are often more applicants than available assignments. You must be diligent in searching for opportunities in order to secure them.

– Risky Business – Some mystery shopper companies can be unscrupulous and may not pay you for your work. It’s important to research a company thoroughly before signing up with them.