Pros And Cons Of Starting A Motorcycle Shop


– High demand for motorcycle parts and accessories, offering increased potential for business growth.

– Low overhead costs when compared to other types of businesses.

– Motorcycle culture is strong; the shop can be part of a vibrant community that appreciates its presence.

– Motorcycle shops offer a unique opportunity to provide specialized services, such as custom builds and repairs, that can command higher prices than more generic product offerings.


– The motorcycle industry is highly competitive; you will have to differentiate your shop in order to stand out from the competition.

– It can be difficult to find qualified mechanics and staff due to the specialized knowledge required.

– Repairs are often labor intensive, making it hard to maintain a consistent schedule and workload.

– Motorcycles require a large amount of maintenance, which can lead to more time spent dealing with customers rather than running other aspects of the business.

– Motorcycles are expensive, and the cost of repairing and maintaining them can eat into your profits.