Pros And Cons Of Starting A Laundromat

Starting a laundromat can be an attractive business opportunity, but it also involves considerable risks. Before taking the plunge, consider these pros and cons of opening a laundromat.


• Low start-up costs – Compared to other businesses, starting a laundromat requires relatively low start-up costs. Once you have the space, equipment and supplies, there are minimal recurring expenses.

• Growing market – With limited time and access to laundry machines, demand for laundromats is increasing in many cities.

• Flexible hours – You can manage your own hours and operate the business according to your own schedule.

• No need for employees – If you choose, you can run the business yourself without hiring any employees.


• Unreliable revenue – Unlike with other businesses, customers don’t always pay on time or in full, which can make cash flow difficult.

• High overhead – Maintaining and repairing the machines, paying utilities and replacing lost money can add up quickly.

• Low margins – With low prices and tight competition, profit margins are often slim.

• Demanding customers – Customers expect their laundry to be done quickly and correctly, so you’ll need to be able to handle any customer service issues that may arise.

• Legal requirements – Depending on where you set up your business, there may be additional legal requirements to consider.

• Security concerns – Keeping your laundromat secure can be a challenge, especially if you’re running it yourself.