Pros And Cons Of Starting A Jingle Company

Starting a jingle company can be an exciting way to make money while sharing your musical talents with the world. There are quite a few pros to setting up shop as a jingle creator, but there are also some cons you should consider before diving in.


– You can work from anywhere. With the right equipment, you can create and produce jingles from any location in the world.

– Flexible hours: As freelance jingle composer or producer, you have control over when and how much you work each week.

– Creative freedom: Jingle creators have the ability to express their creativity and develop unique soundtracks for a variety of different projects.

– Rewarding work: Jingles are often used in marketing campaigns, commercials and other media outlets, so you get the satisfaction of knowing your music is being heard by a large audience.


– Low pay: Jingle rates can vary widely and can often be quite low, especially when starting out.

– Competition: There are a lot of other jingle creators competing for the same jobs, so you’ll have to work hard to stand out from the crowd.

– Risky business: As with any self-employed venture, there is no guarantee of success or steady income.

– Unpredictable workload: In the jingle business, you never know when your next job will come or how much it will pay.