Pros And Cons Of Starting A Duckpin Bowling Alley

Starting a duckpin bowling alley can be an exciting venture, but one that requires much thought and preparation. To make the best decision for your investment, it is important to evaluate both the pros and cons of starting such a business.


– Low cost of equipment and setup as compared to traditional ten-pin bowling alleys

– Quicker game times, resulting in higher customer satisfaction

– More challenging than traditional bowling due to the unique ball size and use of pins

– Adaptable for space restrictions or smaller businesses

– More family friendly with lower speed balls and shorter lane sizes


– Not as popular as traditional ten-pin bowling alleys, requiring more marketing and promotion for success

– Need for higher skill levels with the duckpins due to the unique size of balls and pins used

– Higher costs for maintenance of lanes and equipment than traditional ten-pin alleys

– Difficulty finding trained staff to manage the duckpin bowling alley

– Lower profit margins than traditional ten-pin alleys due to the shorter game times and lower admission fees.