Pros And Cons Of Starting A Commercial Aviary


– Staffing the aviary with experienced bird handlers ensures that birds can live in safe, healthy, and stimulating environments.

– Operating an aviary as a business provides potential income opportunities.

– Birds make great companions for those looking for small pets or animals.

– Aviaries are a great way to attract and educate people about birds, their behaviour, and the importance of conservation.


– Operating an aviary requires strict adherence to government regulations regarding bird ownership.

– Financial costs associated with running an aviary can be high. This includes housing, food, veterinary care, and other supplies for the birds.

– Aviaries require a great deal of work to maintain, including daily cleaning and proper nutrition for the birds.

– Bird owners must be vigilant about protecting their aviary from potential predators like cats and other animals.

– There is always the risk that the birds in an aviary may escape and not be able to find their way back home.