Pros And Cons Of Starting A Cloth Diaper Service


1. Environmentally friendly: Reusable cloth diapers are much more sustainable than disposable options, which can reduce your carbon footprint significantly.

2. Cost effective: Although there is an initial investment for setting up the service, over time the cost of cloth diapers is much lower than disposable ones.

3. Convenient: You can provide delivery, pick up and laundering services for parents so that they don’t have to worry about the extra work involved in using cloth diapers.

4. Promotes recycling: Many families will be able to reuse their cloth diapers multiple times before they need to be replaced.


1. Requires additional investments: Setting up a cloth diaper service requires an initial investment in equipment such as diapers, washing machines and dryers.

2. Unfamiliarity with the product: Many parents may not have experience with cloth diapers and will require guidance on how to use them properly.

3. Increased labor: The process of washing, drying and delivering the cloth diapers requires more work than simply disposing of disposable varieties.

4. Limited customer base: Cloth diaper services may be limited to a smaller geographic area due to the extra effort required on behalf of the customer.

5. Potential for health risks: Cleaning and laundering cloth diapers correctly is essential to ensure that they remain hygienic. Failure to do so could result in health risks for the users.