Pros And Cons Of Starting A Clamming Business


– Clamming is a low cost business to start up, requiring relatively minimal upfront costs.

– Clammers have the opportunity to work outdoors in nature.

– Clamming can be done year round in most areas, allowing for steady income.

– Clamming is relatively simple and doesn’t require any specialized knowledge.


– It can be difficult to get started in clamming as some areas have regulations that limit the activity.

– Clammers must contend with a variety of environmental challenges, including changing water levels, shifting sands and seasons.

– Clamming can be physically demanding and require long hours of work in the cold water.

– Clammers may need to travel to reach the best clam beds, requiring additional costs for transportation and lodging.

– The profitability of clamming depends on the size, quality and quantity of clams harvested. Variations in the overall market can impact how much money you make.

– Clamming is often seasonal, so clammers must find other sources of income during the off season.

– There is always competition from other clammers in most areas, which adds to the difficulty of making a profit.

– Clamming involves some risk as there is no guarantee of the harvest. Clammers may end up with a small or poor quality crop, resulting in a loss of money and time invested.