Pros And Cons Of Starting A Burial At Sea Service


– More affordable than traditional burial services.

– Creative, unique way to pay respect to the deceased.

– Offers an environmentally-friendly option for disposing of remains.

– Can be tailored to suit various religious and cultural traditions.


– Difficult to access for people who cannot travel to the sea or ocean.

– Weather conditions can be unpredictable, making it difficult to guarantee a successful service.

– Special permits may be required in some areas.

– Burial at sea services are not legal everywhere and need to be checked before booking.

– May not provide the same level of closure as a traditional funeral service.

– Relatives and friends may find it difficult to attend due to geographical distances involved.

– Regulations may limit the amount of remains that can be scattered at sea.

– Property and items brought to sea must adhere to maritime regulations.

– Time consuming process for those organizing the service.

– Religious symbolism can be lost in translation when the service is held at sea.

– Can take time for remains to decompose properly in the ocean depending on depth, temperature and other factors.

– Limited options for memorials or grave markers after burial at sea.

– Risk of pollution due to inappropriate disposal of materials.

– Cost of hiring a boat and crew can add to the overall cost of the burial service.

– Fireworks, flowers and other memorial items may not be allowed due to safety concerns.

– Memorial services may need to be held in an alternative location if sea conditions are too rough for comfort.

– Additional paperwork and documentation may be necessary for registration of the burial at sea.

– Restrictions can be placed on memorial services due to certain maritime laws.

– Burial at sea is not available everywhere, and special arrangements may need to be made for transportation of the deceased.

– Relatives and friends may find it difficult to part with the deceased at sea.

– Handling of the remains may be difficult for those unfamiliar with maritime rituals and customs.