Pros And Cons Of Starting A Bowling Alley


1. Low startup cost – bowling alleys can be set up relatively cheaply, with many pieces of equipment available for second-hand purchase or rental.

2. Popular activity – bowling is a popular recreational activity and provides an opportunity to capitalize on the popularity with your own business.

3. Minimal staffing – bowling alleys do not require a large staff and can generally be run with a few employees.

4. Fun atmosphere – Bowling alleys provide a fun, enjoyable atmosphere for guests which can help to attract customers in the long run.


1. High overhead costs – although the startup cost may be low, ongoing overhead costs such as rent and utilities can quickly add up.

2. Seasonal nature of business – like many recreational activities, bowling is usually more popular in certain times of year than others due to weather conditions and holidays.

3. Maintenance required – bowling alleys require regular maintenance to ensure the safety and enjoyment of customers, and this can be expensive.

4. Specialized knowledge – running a bowling alley requires a lot of specialized knowledge, which may take some time to acquire.