Pros And Cons Of Starting A Blockchain Services Business


– Offer clients a secure way to store and manage data

– Open up new opportunities for businesses to reduce costs associated with data storage and management

– Helps businesses become more competitive by offering them the latest in blockchain technology

– Offers the potential for high ROI since blockchain technology is still in its early stages and demand is growing

– Can be used to offer services such as smart contracts and digital asset management


– Complex technical setup may require a steep learning curve for businesses

– High hardware costs associated with setting up mining hardware

– Regulatory uncertainty in many countries where blockchain technology is still being explored

– Lack of a standardized of protocols across different blockchains, which can lead to interoperability issues

– Security concerns due to the lack of regulation and oversight in the space.

– Difficulty finding qualified staff to manage the technology.

– Limited number of applications and use cases for blockchain technology.