Poem About Small Spring Grapevine Wreath

A wreath of grapevine so small and sweet,

In its intricate beauty is hard to beat.

A symbol of springtime’s pure blossoming joy,

Bringing forth a newness like an infant boy.

Twisted tendrils reaching for the sky,

The soft greens whisper quiet lullaby.

A perfect circle of bounty and grace,

The beauty of the small spring grapevine wreath.

Bringing us peace with its simple charm,

Allowing nature to do its own harm.

No matter where life takes you near or far,

Remember the beauty of the small spring grapevine wreath.

So let its beauty bring you delight,

Such a beautiful sight to behold in the night.

Gather around and admire it today,

For a small spring grapevine wreath is here to stay.