Poem About Personalised Phone Cases.

My phone cover’s custom design

Makes me stand out in the crowd,

It shows off my personal style

And it makes me feel proud.

A canvas to express myself,

A way to show the world who I am;

I can pick the colors and the pattern

To make a design that’s grand.

I can make it say what I want,

My favorite quotes and words;

The phone case that I carry around

Now has a voice that’s heard.

So if you’re looking for something unique,

Something special to show off your style;

Look no further than personalized cases,

For an awesome phone that’ll make you smile.

So keep your phone in style,

And show off who you are;

Design a custom case and be proud of it,

No matter how near or far!

Now your phone’s a work of art

That expresses who you are;

A true reflection of yourself,

That will show off from near or far.

So keep your phone in style,

And be proud of the design;

Personalized cases are the way to go,

Letting your personality shine.