Poem About Lotus Earrings.

I wear my Lotus earrings with pride,

For their beauty and grace I can’t hide.

Their petals reach across the sky,

Like a beacon of light that never dies.

They’re as beautiful as morning dew,

And remind me of all that’s true.

From the center of the flower, a golden hue

A reminder of all that I pursue.

Like a symbol of purity and grace,

My Lotus earrings light up my face.

Their beauty is timeless, they fill me with joy,

The perfect accessory to any look or style I employ.

I’m reminded of their beauty and grace,

Whenever I look upon my face.

My Lotus earrings show me the way,

To lead a life of joy and faith.

I’ll forever treasure these Lotus earrings so dear,

Their beauty will linger in my heart for years.

A reminder of all that I hold near and dear,

These Lotus earrings will never disappear.

So I proudly wear these Lotus earrings with pride,

A reminder of all that is true and divine.

Their beauty and grace will always stay in my heart,

My Lotus earrings are a work of art.