Poem About Bracelet With Beads Natural And Chain.

A perfect bracelet made from beads and chain,

It glistens in the light with a shimmering sheen.

The natural beauty of its colorful stones,

Creates a stunning piece that is never outgrown.

The metal links lightly curved and entwined,

The careful design displays an artful mind.

The beads twirl around like a wave on the sea,

Their beauty radiates wherever they may be.

This lovely bracelet is an elegant sight,

A treasured piece of jewelry to wear day or night.

It’s sparkle and shine will never diminish in time,

And it will always bring you comfort and peace of mind.

For it’s a reminder of the beauty in life,

And a symbol of never giving up the fight.

So wear with pride your bracelet made of beads and chain,

It will always stay close to heart and remain.