Five Creative Marketing Strategies To Promote Your Roofing Company

1. Get Social: Utilize social media to promote your roofing company by starting accounts on the major platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Post content regularly that highlights various projects you complete, customer testimonials, exclusive offers, and more. Establish yourself as a go-to resource for valuable information related to roofing.

2. Network with Local Affiliates: Reach out to local organizations and businesses in your service area and establish relationships. These contacts can help you spread the word about your roofing company, creating the potential for increased leads and business opportunities.

3. Invest in Paid Advertising: Utilize online advertising platforms like Google and Bing to create targeted ads that reach potential customers in your service area. You can also use targeted ads on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

4. Leverage Referral Programs: Create referral programs for existing customers who refer new business. This incentive-based program encourages word of mouth promotion of your business and gives existing customers a reason to spread the word about your roofing company.

5. Foster Community Involvement: Get involved in local events, charities and organizations that promote community development and growth. This helps establish your business as an important part of the local economy and gives you the opportunity to promote it in a positive light.