Example Cover Letter – Staff Nurse – RN – Nursing Home

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing to apply for the position of Staff Nurse – RN – Nursing Home as advertised. With my extensive experience in the medical profession combined with excellent interpersonal and communication skills, I believe that I am an ideal candidate for the role.

I am a Registered Nurse with over five years of experience in the nursing field. I have provided care for both adults and children of all ages, across multiple settings. In addition to this, I am highly knowledgeable about current standards of patient care, as well as protocols and best practices. Furthermore, I have a high degree of empathy and patience when dealing with patients and their families.

In my current role as a Staff Nurse at St. Mary’s Hospital, I am responsible for providing care to elderly nursing home residents in accordance with the established standards of care. My duties include conducting assessments, developing patient care plans, observing changes in health status, administering medications and treatments, monitoring vital signs, and providing emotional support. I am also highly experienced in wound care management and have a thorough understanding of infection control protocols.

My experience as a staff nurse has enabled me to develop a well-rounded knowledge base and understand the needs of elderly nursing home residents. Additionally, I have worked with diverse patient populations and enjoy collaborating with other medical professionals. I am confident that my qualifications and experience make me an excellent candidate for the Staff Nurse – RN – Nursing Home role.

Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to speaking with you about this opportunity in more detail soon.


Your Name