Example Cover Letter: Minimum Data Set (MDS) Coordinator (RN)

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing to apply for the position of Minimum Data Set (MDS) Coordinator (RN). As a highly organized and detail-oriented Registered Nurse with 8+ years of healthcare experience, I believe I possess the knowledge and expertise necessary to excel in this role.

Throughout my years of experience in the healthcare field, I have had the opportunity to develop expertise in MDS and Resident Assessment Instrument (RAI) processes. My primary responsibility has been to ensure accuracy in assessments and documentation while staying ahead of any regulatory changes or updates.

In addition, I possess excellent communication skills that allow me to effectively collaborate with colleagues, residents and families. This has proven essential in providing quality care while achieving the organization’s financial success. I also have an extensive understanding of electronic medical record (EMR) systems such as Epic and Cerner that is critical for any MDS Coordinator role.

I am confident that my combination of skills and professional experience make me an ideal candidate for the MDS Coordinator position. I am excited to discuss my qualifications further and look forward to hearing from you soon.


Your Name