Example Cover Letter For A Catering Director – Casino

Dear Hiring Manager,

I am writing to apply for the position of Catering Director at your Casino. Upon reading the job description, I was immediately excited by the prospect of working in such an exciting and dynamic environment. With my strong background in hospitality management, customer service and operations, I am confident that I can deliver outstanding results in a Catering Director role.

My experience includes over six years of management experience within the hospitality industry. During my time as General Manager at ABC Resort, I worked closely with all departments to coordinate guest services and oversee operations. In addition to running a successful business, I also created innovative catering solutions that increased our customer base, profitability and overall satisfaction.

In addition to my extensive hospitality experience, I am also a certified sommelier and have completed several courses in wine selection and pairing. This knowledge has enabled me to develop unique beverage menus and pairings for events within the casino environment. With my experience and knowledge, I am confident that I can bring a creative approach to your catering operations.

I believe my qualifications make me a great fit for the Catering Director position at your casino. With my strong hospitality management background, passion for customer service and extensive knowledge in wine selection and pairing, I am sure that I will be able to bring value to your establishment. I am excited by this opportunity and hope to hear from you soon.


Your Name