Checklist For Starting An Etsy Entrepreneur Business

1. Research the Market – Gain a clear understanding of what type of product is selling well, who your target customer is and how much you can expect to make selling on Etsy.

2. Design & Source Products – Create design(s) you’re passionate about, find a quality manufacturer and ensure your products meet all safety standards.

3. Set Up Your Business – Choose the type of business structure that best suits your needs, register with the state, secure an Employer Identification Number (EIN) and open a business bank account.

4. Build an Online Presence – Create a website and/or social media accounts for your business. Research SEO and use online marketing tactics to boost visibility of your products.

5. List & Promote Your Products – Create product listings on Etsy, photograph products professionally and write compelling descriptions that inform customers about their features and benefits. Reach out to potential customers via email or other channels to build an audience.

6. Track & Analyze Performance – Monitor your Etsy sales and use analytics to identify trends, uncover opportunities and optimize performance.

7. Manage Fulfillment – Select a fulfillment option that meets the needs of your business, set up an efficient order process and ensure orders are shipped on time.