Checklist For Starting An Art Restoration Business

1. Conduct Research: Research the art restoration industry, local competition and potential customers. This will help you understand the market dynamics and create a business plan to guide your decision making.

2. Create a Business Plan: The business plan should be a living document that outlines the goals and objectives, the strategies to achieve them, and the timeline for reaching them.

3. Obtain Financing: Figure out the capital needed to start your business, whether it’s through a loan or investments from family and friends.

4. Find Suppliers: Look for suppliers of art restoration supplies such as materials, tools and equipment.

5. Establish a Workspace: Secure the workspace for your business such as a studio or workshop.

6. Get Licensed and Insured: Obtain the necessary permits and licenses to operate an art restoration business in your area and make sure you have the proper insurance coverage.

7. Build a Network: Connect with the community and join professional organizations to build referral networks and potential clientele.

8. Develop a Marketing Strategy: Develop marketing materials such as brochures, business cards, website, social media presence etc. to reach your target market.

9. Hire Staff: Hire qualified staff to help you with the art restoration work.

10. Create an Online Presence: Develop an online presence through your website, blog and social media accounts to reach more potential customers.

11. Plan for Growth: Anticipate growth in terms of extra customers or services you can offer so that you can be prepared for the future.

12. Celebrate: Take time to celebrate your success, congratulate yourself and team members for a job well done!