Checklist For Starting An Art Gallery: A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Research the local art scene – Get to know the local art gallery owners, check out other galleries in your area and do some market research on pricing of artwork.

2. Choose a space – Decide if you want to buy or rent a space, and if you will be located in an established gallery district or elsewhere.

3. Secure financing – Evaluate the costs associated with opening your art gallery, as well as identify potential sources of funding.

4. Choose artwork to feature – Select pieces of artwork that represent the type of gallery you are looking to create and align with your mission.

5. Develop a marketing plan – Identify creative ways to reach new customers and create an online presence.

6. Create an opening event – Invite local press, art lovers, gallery owners and other potential customers to come experience the artwork in person.

7. Get organized – Establish a system for tracking artwork, inventory, customer data and payments.

8. Track sales – Keep a record of who purchased what artwork and use this to inform future purchases.

9. Stay connected with the community – Network with other galleries in your area, attend art events and stay up to date on current trends in the art world.

10. Promote the gallery – Use email, social media and digital marketing to reach new customers and continue to grow your business.