Checklist For Starting An Aerial Arts Studio

1. Research the Market: Understand who your customers are and what services they need.

2. Secure a Facility: Look for a suitable space that meets your needs and that has adequate safety features.

3. Obtain Necessary Equipment: Invest in high-quality rigging equipment that is rated for aerial performances and activities.

4. Hire Qualified Staff: Look for instructors who have experience teaching aerial arts, a strong knowledge of safety protocols, and excellent customer service skills.

5. Create an Advertising Plan: Develop a strategy to reach potential customers through online channels and traditional methods.

6. Develop a Safety Plan: Outline the safety protocols that will be followed in your studio, such as spotters for aerial performances and use of mats for falls.

7. Set Up Online Scheduling Software: Choose software that allows customers to book classes or events online with ease.

8. Create a Pricing Structure: Decide on pricing for individual classes, packages, and events.

9. Purchase Insurance: Make sure your business is covered in case of accidents or injuries.

10. Market Your Studio: Reach out to potential customers through social media, email campaigns, sponsored posts, and more.