Checklist For Starting A Yoga Instructor School: A Comprehensive Guide To Get You Started!

1. Identify your target market and create the curriculum accordingly

2. Research the various certifications required to become a yoga instructor in your area

3. Make sure you have a strong understanding of the basics of yoga and its history

4. Draft policies, procedures and regulations that will govern the school’s operations

5. Choose a suitable location for your school and plan the layout of its premises

6. Secure necessary permits and licenses from relevant authorities

7. Prepare documents such as admission forms, course materials, etc. for students

8. Develop marketing plans to promote the school and attract potential students

9. Recruit qualified instructors, staff and other personnel

10. Set up the administrative systems such as accounting, billing, etc.

11. Ensure safety of students and staff with appropriate insurance coverage

12. Launch your school website and manage it regularly to keep it current

13. Track student progress and provide feedback as needed

14. Evaluate your program regularly and adjust as necessary