Checklist For Starting A Theatre Company

1. Identify Your Audience – Before you start your theatre company, it is important to identify who your potential audience will be. Consider the geographical area you are targeting and what type of performances they would enjoy most.

2. Develop a Business Plan – A business plan should include a mission statement, budget, and timeline for the production of your first show. It should also include goals for future productions.

3. Secure Funding – You will need to secure funding before you can move forward with production plans. Sources of funding may include grants, donations, or investments from friends and family.

4. Find a Venue – It is important to find a venue that will provide the best experience for your audience. Consider factors such as cost, accessibility, seating capacity, and sound/light systems when selecting a location.

5. Hire Your Creative Team – You will need to hire a director, choreographer, music director and other creative staff members to bring your show to life.

6. Set a Rehearsal Schedule – Establish a rehearsal schedule that allows enough time for the cast and crew to learn their lines, learn the music, and perfect their performances.

7. Market Your Show – Once your show is ready to go, you will need to create effective marketing materials such as posters, flyers, and online promotions.

8. Launch Your Show – After you have taken all the necessary steps to prepare for your show, it is time to open your doors and perform!