Checklist For Starting A Tanning Salon: A Step-by-Step Guide.

1. Select a Niche – Choose whether you’d like to offer traditional tanning services or specialize in spray tanning, airbrush tanning, etc.

2. Research the Industry – Understand all of the regulations and safety measures that need to be taken when running a tanning salon.

3. Create a Business Plan – Outline your goals, target market, and the services you’ll offer along with pricing for each service.

4. Establish a Legal Structure – Decide whether you want to register as an LLC or Sole Proprietorship in order to protect yourself from any potential legal liabilities.

5. Secure Financing – Figure out how you’ll acquire funds to pay for overhead costs, such as rent, equipment, and supplies.

6. Find a Suitable Location – Search for a commercial space that is accessible and has enough room to accommodate your tanning salon.

7. Design Your Space – Create an inviting atmosphere by considering furniture, wall colors, and mirrors.

8. Purchase Equipment – Invest in the necessary equipment for your tanning services such as beds, booths, or sprays guns.

9. Hire Employees – Look for experienced professionals who are certified to operate your tanning equipment safely.

10. Advertise Your Services – Spread the word about your tanning salon and market it online in order to attract customers.