Checklist For Starting A Survival School: A Comprehensive Guide For Beginners

1. Research the competition – It’s important to research other survival schools in the area and understand their services, prices, and target customer base.

2. Create a business plan – Map out your goals and objectives, as well as your budget, marketing strategy, and projected profits.

3. Secure funding – You may need to borrow money from family, friends, or a bank in order to get your business off the ground.

4. Find a location – Choose a suitable space that meets all safety and health regulations for running a survival school.

5. Buy equipment – Invest in quality gear such as tents, sleeping bags, fire starters, and cooking gear.

6. Advertise – Utilize online marketing channels to reach customers in your area.

7. Research local laws – Make sure you are aware of any ordinances or regulations related to running a business in the area.

8. Hire instructors – Look for experienced wilderness guides who can help teach survival skills to students.

9. Create an online presence – Set up a website and social media accounts to promote your business and engage with customers.

10. Network – Build relationships in the local community by attending events and joining local groups related to outdoor recreation or wilderness education.