Checklist For Starting A Sports Trading Card Business: A Comprehensive Guide To Getting Started.

1. Research the sports trading card industry: Take time to research the current market trends and regulations related to selling trading cards.

2. Source your product: Find reliable suppliers of trading cards in order to ensure quality of merchandise.

3. Create a business plan: Draft a comprehensive business plan that outlines the goals and objectives of your trading card business.

4. Obtain licenses and permits: Gather any necessary licenses or permits in order to legally operate your business.

5. Get an online presence: Consider setting up an online store or website in order to reach more customers.

6. Create a budget: Calculate the costs associated with starting and running a trading card business, such as marketing expenses, inventory storage fees, etc.

7. Build your team: Assemble the necessary personnel to help you manage the day-to-day operations of your trading card business.

8. Secure a location: Find the right retail space for your trading card business.

9. Promote your business: Develop a marketing strategy to help promote and grow your trading card business.

10. Stay organized: Implement an inventory management system to keep track of orders, payments, and other records related to your trading card business.