Checklist For Starting A Restaurant Supply Business: A 10-Step Guide

1. Research the Market: Learn about the restaurant supply industry and local competitors to see if there is an opportunity to start a business in your area.

2. Formulate a Business Plan: Outline goals, resources and strategies for the venture, including expected costs and potential revenue projections.

3. Establish a Legal Entity: Decide whether to form an LLC, partnership or other legal entity and register the business with your state government.

4. Acquire Funding: Apply for loans or find investors who can provide the necessary start-up capital to get the business off of the ground.

5. Obtain Necessary Licenses and Permits: Register the business with state and local governments and obtain any necessary permits to sell food or alcohol.

6. Find Suppliers: Create relationships with restaurant wholesalers and suppliers who can provide the ingredients, products or equipment you need to supply restaurants.

7. Develop a Pricing Strategy: Determine how to price your goods according to market demand and competition, as well as any fees you need to cover overhead costs.

8. Create a Marketing Plan: Decide how you will reach out to potential customers, such as by creating an online presence or advertising on local restaurant websites.

9. Invest in Inventory Management Software: Invest in software that can help you organize and manage your inventory, as well as track customer orders.

10. Hire Employees: When you’re ready to expand your business, bring on employees with the necessary skills to help grow the business.