Checklist For Starting A Pub: A Comprehensive Guide

1. Research the Location and Obtain Necessary Licenses & Permits – Before you take any steps towards opening your pub, it is essential to research the market in your local area to determine whether or not there is a need and demand for another bar or brewery. Additionally, you will need to obtain the necessary licenses and permits in order to legally operate a pub.

2. Develop a Business Plan – A detailed business plan is an essential part of any successful business venture and your pub should be no exception. Your plan should include research into the market, financial projections, marketing strategies and more.

3. Secure Funding – Once you have a business plan in place, it is time to start looking for funding. Depending on the size of your pub and the amount of money that you need to get started, you may be able to secure capital from investors or traditional lending institutions such as banks.

4. Find a Space – Finding a suitable space for your pub is an important step. Consider factors such as the size of the space, what kind of renovations need to be done, and where it is located in relation to your target demographic.

5. Hire Employees – Once you have found a space, it’s time to start looking for employees. Start by posting job listings online and in local newspapers. You should also consider attending job fairs to find potential employees.

6. Stock Your Bar – Stocking your bar is the next step on our checklist for starting a pub. Start by researching what type of beer, wine, and liquor you want to offer your customers. Additionally, make sure you have all the necessary supplies, such as glasses and mixers, that your bar will need.

7. Open for Business – After all of the steps on this checklist are complete, it’s time to open your pub to the public! Make sure you have a grand opening event and promote your establishment using traditional methods, such as flyers and posters, as well as online marketing.