Checklist For Starting A Pressure Washing Business

1. Research the local market: Do an in-depth survey of the pressure washing services in your area, identify your competition and their offers, and understand the needs of potential customers.

2. Develop a business plan: Write out your mission statement and goals, create a budget, decide on services to offer and fees to charge, plan marketing strategies, and set a timeline for starting your business.

3. Obtain necessary licenses: Check local regulations for licenses you need to obtain in order to operate a pressure washing business in your area.

4. Purchase equipment: Research the best kind of pressure washer, protective clothing and safety gear for employees, cleaning products and supplies.

5. Hire staff: Determine the number of employees you will need and establish job descriptions.

6. Establish relationships with suppliers: Identify local suppliers for pressure washers, parts, cleaning solutions, protective clothing and other items you will need.

7. Market your business: Outline a marketing strategy that includes print, web and television advertising, as well as direct contact with potential customers.

8. Set up payment systems: Decide on the payment options you will accept from clients, such as credit cards or cash payments.

9. Learn about insurance: Research and buy the insurance coverage you need to protect your business, employees and customers.

10. Develop customer service policies: Outline procedures for responding to customer inquiries, complaints and feedback.

11. Set up accounting systems: Choose an accounting software program or hire a qualified accountant to handle all financial aspects of your pressure washing business.