Checklist For Starting A Pet Supply Store

1. Evaluate the Market Demand: Conduct market research to determine if there’s a need for your type of pet supply store in the area, and evaluate potential competitors.

2. Develop Your Business Plan: Create a business plan that includes an executive summary, marketing strategy, timeline, financial projections and goals.

3. Choose Your Location: Research the demographics of potential areas to find the location that best fits your target market.

4. Obtain Business Licenses & Permits: Acquire all necessary business licenses and permits required to open a pet supply store in your area.

5. Find Suppliers & Vendors: Research and establish relationships with multiple pet supply vendors who can provide the products you need.

6. Set Up Your Accounting System: Create a comprehensive record-keeping system to track your revenue, expenses, inventory and other financial information.

7. Invest in Point of Sale Systems: Choose point of sale systems that are compatible with your suppliers and vendors, as well as any loyalty programs you may offer.

8. Market Your Pet Supply Store: Develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes traditional advertising methods like radio and print, as well as digital media tactics like email campaigns, pay-per-click ads and social media.

9. Maintain Regulatory Compliance: Make sure all employees are trained on correct handling, storage and labeling of pet supplies, including food items.

10. Offer Exceptional Customer Service: Put customer service at the forefront of your business plan by cultivating a knowledgeable, courteous and helpful staff.