Checklist For Starting A Ninja Warrior Gym

1. Secure funding and space – Secure enough capital to start up the gym, rent or buy a facility that is well suited for your needs.

2. Design the course – Map out what obstacles you want and where they should be placed in the gym. Consider safety aspects, flow of the course, and any special features you would like to include.

3. Set up the equipment – Purchase or build all the necessary obstacles needed for your Ninja Warrior course such as balance beams, slacklines, warp walls and more.

4. Customize the gym – Consider adding a lounge area with couches and TVs, or lockers and showers for those that are interested in using the facility as a gym.

5. Establish safety protocols – Create rules, regulations, and guidelines of what is expected from patrons while they use the Ninja Warrior course.

6. Promote your business – Spread the word to potential customers by advertising in newspapers, on the radio, or through flyers.

7. Hire staff – Find employees that have experience with Ninja Warrior courses and can help teach customers how to navigate through obstacles safely.

8. Train your team – Make sure everyone is knowledgeable of safety protocols and rules surrounding using the Ninja Warrior course.