Checklist For Starting A Mobile Bartending Service

1. Establish Your Business Plan: Outline your goals, mission, and vision for the business, decide what services you’ll provide and how you’ll market them to potential customers. Research the competition and create a strategy that sets you apart.

2. Obtain Licenses & Insurance: Check with your state to determine what licenses and insurance you need in order to run a legal bartending business.

3. Purchase Equipment: You’ll need everything from glassware and shakers to well drink ingredients, specialty tools, and transportable bars.

4. Develop a Network of Professionals: Find a reliable bar staff and event vendors who can help you meet customer needs.

5. Promote Your Business: Create an effective advertising campaign that reaches your target market through various channels such as social media, print ads, direct mail campaigns, and more.

6. Evaluate Success & Profits: Track the progress of your business and make adjustments where needed. Measure your return on investment (ROI) to ensure you’re making a profit.

7. Stay Organized: Make sure that you have systems in place for tracking customer orders, invoices, accounting records, and more.

8. Grow Your Business: Look for ways to expand your services to reach more customers and generate more revenue.

9. Market Your Services: Develop relationships with event planners, venues, local businesses, and other potential partners who may refer you business.

10. Enjoy What You Do: Have fun! Running a bartending business can be rewarding when done right.