Checklist For Starting A Meals To Go Business

1. Establish Your Menu: Choose the items that you plan to make and serve, such as salads, sandwiches, burritos, etc. Also consider what types of ingredients you’ll use in your recipes.

2. Select Your Suppliers: Research food distributors and decide which ones you want to work with. Consider factors such as cost, quality, and delivery schedule.

3. Obtain Licensing & Permits: Determine what permits are necessary in your area for operating a Meals To Go business. Make sure you’re compliant with all local ordinances.

4. Hire Employees: Determine how many staff members you’ll need to make and serve the meals. Consider whether you will hire full-time or part-time employees.

5. Set Up Your Kitchen: Decide which equipment is necessary, such as mixers, ovens, and refrigerators, and purchase or rent what’s needed.

6. Develop Your Delivery System: Establish a safe and efficient system for delivering meals to customers, whether you’ll use your own drivers or outsource for delivery.

7. Promote Your Services: Create a website and social media accounts to advertise your business. You can also reach out directly to potential customers via phone calls, mailings, or door-to-door visits.

8. Market Your Business: Develop a marketing strategy and use it to reach your target customers. Consider both online and offline methods such as paid advertising, public relations, and sponsorships.

9. Track & Evaluate Results: Use analytics software to track the success of your campaigns and make adjustments when necessary.

10. Monitor Your Finances: Keep accurate financial records and track all expenses related to your business. Make sure you budget for taxes, supplies, and other costs.