Checklist For Starting A Liquor Store

1. Obtain the necessary licenses and permits from your state’s Alcohol Beverage Control board.

2. Get your business registered with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for tax purposes.

3. Choose a location that is easily accessible to customers and offers plenty of parking.

4. Find a liquor wholesaler that can provide the brands and varieties your customers are looking for.

5. Consider what type of drinks you will be stocking in your store, such as beer, wine, spirits or all three.

6. Invest in shelving, displays and other equipment needed to display products in your store.

7. Advertise through local newspapers, radio and other forms of media to generate a customer base.

8. Hire employees who have knowledge about the products you are selling and excellent customer service skills.

9. Set up a point of sale system that will allow you to quickly process transactions and keep track of your inventory.

10. Train employees in proper procedures for handling money, counting out change and verifying customer identification when selling alcoholic beverages.