Checklist For Starting A Horticultural Therapy: A Guide To Success

1. Research horticultural therapy and its benefits.

2. Identify potential learning sites and resources.

3. Develop relationships with local educational institutions, health care providers, and community organizations that may provide support or referrals for your horticultural therapy services.

4. Determine the type of clients you want to serve and create a business plan outlining your vision.

5. Determine necessary certifications or training programs that may be needed to meet local regulations for providing horticultural therapy services.

6. Develop materials such as brochures, flyers, or website for advertising and marketing your services.

7. Secure necessary insurance and licenses.

8. Plan out a budget for the start-up of your business, including equipment needs and any other expenses you may incur during the first year of operation.

9. Connect with local businesses or organizations that may be interested in collaborating on projects related to horticultural therapy.

10. Evaluate the success of your horticultural therapy practice regularly to ensure you are providing quality services for your clients.