Checklist For Starting A Health Coaching Business

1. Develop your business plan – Create an actionable document that outlines your goals, services offered, pricing and target market.

2. Secure your business structure – Decide whether you will establish your health coaching business as a sole proprietorship, partnership or LLC. Talk to an attorney or accountant to help determine which structure is best for you.

3. Obtain business licenses and permits – Contact your local government to learn which permits or licenses are required for health coaching businesses.

4. Research insurance requirements – Consider purchasing liability insurance in case of any legal disputes that may arise from your services as a health coach.

5. Design your website – Develop a professional-looking website that showcases your services, credentials, and contact information.

6. Set up an online payment system – Choose an online payment service to accept payments from clients for health coaching services.

7. Connect with other professionals – Network with other healthcare professionals in the area who can refer clients to you or who you can refer clients to.

8. Advertise and market your business – Use various marketing strategies such as creating a blog, launching an email newsletter, or posting on social media to promote your health coaching business.

9. Establish policies and procedures – Develop a list of policies and procedures that outlines how clients should interact with you and expectations for the coaching process.

10. Invest in professional development – Take advantage of health coaching seminars, webinars, and