Checklist For Starting A Golf Course: A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Define your budget and identify your financing sources.

2. Research all applicable zoning and local laws that may affect development of the golf course property.

3. Select a suitable location, taking into account topography, access to water and soil conditions.

4. Develop a business plan, which should include an analysis of the local market for golf-related services, the potential customer base and projected revenues from operations.

5. Identify location requirements for all necessary buildings, including pro shop, club house, cart barns and maintenance facility.

6. Hire professionals to design the golf course and develop a layout plan.

7. Secure financing for equipment, supplies, labor and any additional expenses.

8. Implement construction of the golf course, ensuring that water sources and drainage systems are adequately installed before planting grass on the fairways and greens.

9. Purchase all necessary equipment, such as mowing machines, putting green rollers and sand rakes.

10. Train staff on golf course maintenance techniques and operation of all equipment before opening the golf course to the public.

11. Choose a point-of-sale system for charging green fees, collecting memberships and tracking customers’ rounds played.

12. Develop a customer service program, including amenities such as complimentary drinks and snacks on the course.

13. Promote your golf course by advertising in local newspapers, radio and magazines, as well as using digital marketing techniques such as email campaigns and social media outreach.

14. Establish an annual maintenance schedule for mowing and conditioning of the greens and fairways.

15. Monitor feedback from customers and staff on a regular basis to ensure the highest standards of service are maintained.