Checklist For Starting A Fusion Restaurant

1. Define Your Concept: Consider the style of food you will be serving, the type of atmosphere you want to create and how your restaurant fits into the local market.

2. Choose a Location: Consider foot traffic, parking and accessibility when selecting the right spot for your restaurant.

3. Develop a Menu: Determine which items you will offer and consider how to price your menu items competitively.

4. Obtain Licensing and Permits: Get the necessary licensing and permits from local, state or federal government as well as any health department certifications for food safety.

5. Secure Financing: Explore options such as loan programs, grants, private investors and crowdfunding.

6. Create a Business Plan: Use your concept to create a plan outlining the goals for your restaurant and how you will achieve them.

7. Design Your Space: Consider design elements such as layout, seating and d├ęcor that will bring your concept to life.

8. Equip Your Kitchen: Select the necessary equipment and supplies such as counters, ovens, freezer units, refrigerators and dishwashers.

9. Hire Staff: Create job descriptions and determine which skills you need to find the right employees for your restaurant.

10. Market Your Restaurant: Develop a marketing strategy that will help promote your brand and draw in customers.